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YouTube Advertising

Popular Youtube videos can amass millions or even billions of views. It is clear that the Youtube platform attracts many eyes, making it an ideal place for businesses to advertise. However, Youtube advertising can be significantly different from the typical PPC advertising model that you find with Google or social media. At Rankwise Consulting, we can help you develop, implement, and manage an effective and cost-efficient Youtube ad campaign that will bring in new leads for your business and drive up your sales. To get started, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our digital marketing experts for assistance.

Ways to Advertise on Youtube

Youtube offers a number of different options for advertisers. Primarily, Youtube ads take the form of a short video clip, which can be anywhere from a fews seconds long to over a minute long, that plays before or during the video a user is watching. However, you can still choose to advertise using a simple banner ad by opting to go with an overlay ad instead. No matter how you would like to promote your business offerings on Youtube, our team can help. From designing your ad to analyzing data from your ad campaign, we are able to provide you full assistance with the development and management of your Youtube advertising.

Targeted Advertising

As with other advertising platforms, Youtube allows you to target your advertisement towards specific users based on a set of interests or demographic criteria, such as age or gender. You can choose the location and language(s) of the users you wish to show your ad to, and you can opt to exclude your ad from being shown on certain types of videos – for example, videos with profanity or sexual content. Alternatively, you may wish to target your ad by keywords or topics rather than individual characteristics.


Youtube allows advertisers to set a daily budget or a fixed budget for the entire campaign. This flexibility makes Youtube advertising feasible for businesses of all sizes. If you have a smaller budget, setting a spending limit per day will ensure you do not burn through money too quickly. You can take the time to analyze your results day-by-day and optimize your ad campaign in order to improve cost-efficiency. With a set campaign budget, you have the peace of mind of knowing there is a fixed budget that Youtube will not go over. This will protect you from inadvertently exceeding your budget in the event that you are not closely monitoring your campaign every day.

Online Advertising Solutions

A smart advertising strategy can yield significant returns on every dollar invested. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is and ensure that your campaign is properly targeted towards them. At Rankwise Consulting, we assist our clients with the development and management of their social media advertising campaigns in order to help them achieve optimal results. With our extensive digital marketing experience and expertise, you can entrust us to deliver solutions that work.

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